This is my entry for the CG Challenge "Dreamscape". It has been a great challenge for me indeed, since I
did not paint a detailed image in a long time. But it has also been great fun to to work on it and relive some memories of my school years I spent daydreaming and drawing on paper, books and tables.

You can view some steps of my progress on cgsociety.


Im Bann der Hexer

I am happy to announce that my first comic book "Im Bann der Hexer" will be published as a German hardcover edition in April. The story is based on an original Iroquois legend and was written by Alexander Berger. You can find some pages on my homepage.

As a preview the comic magazine "Comix" publishes the entire story in four parts over the next four issues,
including a small "making of" in the current issue. I took a few pictures of some of the pages: