"Mika´s Adventure" iPad App

Today my picture book "Mika´s Adventure" was released as an iPad App. It features 15 pages of illustration, voice output, some new graphic effects, music, sound effects and a puzzle game.

“A dream is about to come true for Mika: For the first time in his life, he sets out to accompany his granny on one of her expeditions. On the day of their first joint exploration, the two have discovered a forest no one knew about to date. They anchor their airship– the Albatross – in the top branches of the highest trees and make their slow descent into the emerald green thick brush.”

"Mika´s Adventure" is available in German, English, Chinese and Japanese.

Below are some screenshots and here is the iTunes Link.


  1. Das ist ja cool. Ich hab eben im Fernsehen einen Beitrag über eBooks gesehen und dachte mir "Die Bilder kommen mir aber bekannt vor". Ich glaub wenn ich ein iPad hätte, wer das das erste was ich mir holen würde! Glückwunsch :]

  2. Anonymous10/08/2010

    Hey Florian, saw that on tv as well. Congratulations.
    Looking great on that screen. Way to go, pal.
    Torsten Wolber

  3. Thanks, guys! Nice to hear from you. :D