"The City of Dreaming Books" Graphic Novel

Some of you will already know about this, but I have never made an official announcement on my own blog. For more than two years I have been working on an Graphic Novel adaption of Walter Moers "The City Of Dreaming Books". The story will be published in two books with each about 100 pages.
Walter Moers is writing the text and also drawing a pencil sketch for each page and I have the pleasure to paint the final illustrations. We already made good progress, but there is also a lot of work left.

Today I can show you the first preview image, Hildegunst von Mythenmetz´s arrival in Buchhaim, one of the large spreads of the comic.

For more information (in german) visit the official page zamonien.de or Comic Kladde. The blog is run by Philipp Spreckels and he met me some days ago for an interview about the comic and the colored book of "Käpt'n Blaubär". Link to part 1 and part 2.


  1. Weiter so!
    Bin schon sehr gespannt auf die finalen Bücher.

    Gruß Lars

  2. Anonymous8/06/2014

    The graphics look really great and the colors fit Moers' world perfectly! I'm really looking forward to read them when they're finally released. As a diehard Moers fan, I can already tell from the preview pictures that the graphic novel will be a loyal interpretation.

    I fell on the floor laughing manically when I spotted Ribesehl from Rumo und die Wunder im Dunkeln. XD

  3. Was this ever released?

    1. Not yet, we are still working on it. : )

  4. Any idea if this will be translated into English? Stunning artwork!! I'm excited about this whether or not I can read it (though I'd prefer to be able to, obviously). Love seeing Bookholm in all its magnificent glory!